5 Ways To Add A Digital Touch To Your Wedding Ceremony

Traditional weddings often do not reflect the modern age. If you and your future spouse love to embrace the digital age, then there are numerous ways you can incorporate it into your wedding day. While browsing through wedding chapels to get married at, you should be looking for ways to immerse your ceremony in a digital experience. The following five digital upgrades can make your ceremony a full digital experience that family and friends will remember for years to come.

LED Flower Bouquet

Instead of a traditional bouquet, you can add a digital touch to your wedding flowers. By choosing a bouquet of all white fake flowers, you can turn them all kinds of colors by implementing LED lights into the design. First, you must select whether you want to have single colored lights or rotating LED lights. The rotating lights will slowly transition to a variety of different colors.

The LED lights are glued directly in bottom of the flower. This way, then they light up, all of the petals glow and reflect the color. To make the most of the effect, you should have dimmed lights in the chapel of the wedding. This will make the flowers glow as bright as possible.

Wedding Aisle Slideshows

As guests go to take their seats at the wedding, you can showcase your journey to marriage through a slideshow display on tablet screens. Using cases that attach to the back of chairs, tablets can be displayed on the ends of aisles as guests arrive for the wedding.

The slideshow can also act as a great way to show your journey through life with childhood images and family photographs. Just before the ceremony starts, a person can go to each tablet to shut if off. The same type of device can be extended into the reception as a nice centerpiece at guest tables.

The Wedding Hashtag

Connect with friends, family, and co-workers all over the world by supplying guests with a wedding hashtag. The unique hashtag can be applied to all forms of social media and act as a great way to track wedding events in real time and when the events are over. A simple and effective hashtag should be used that makes it unique and short at the same time. For example, #MarkandCindy15 is short to the point and easy to type. It also makes it easy to search for later on.

As guests arrive, the hashtag can be displayed on a sign or listed in the printed program. This helps avoid numerous questions or confusion about the proper hashtag to use during the wedding.

Wedding Live Feeds

Budgets and travel can often limit the guest's ability to attend a wedding. Instead of keeping them out of the ceremony, you can make them feel like part of the action with a wedding live feed. There are numerous app downloads and services that allow you to live feed directly to anyone around the world. You can open up the live feed directly or make it public so that anyone can watch your wedding from a computer or other electronic device.

Interactive Wedding Aisles

Make your walk down the aisle as memorable as possible. Interactive wedding aisles feature a digital floor with sensor technology. As the bride steps on the floor, the animation below can interact with each step. Examples of this technology includes moving leaves, flowers, or a magical animations like fairy dust. Mixing music with this digital effect can create a memorable experience with a great digital touch.

When working with the floor engineers, you can implement different animations based on different parts of the wedding party including the bride, groom, and maid of honor.

As you work with technology, it's important to plan well ahead of time to ensure that everything can be tested and implemented into the wedding chapel as needed.

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