Three Unusual Bridal Bouquet Options

If you're planning a non-traditional wedding or you're just looking to make your ceremony unique and memorable, one of the things you should consider is an alternative bridal bouquet. Alternative bouquets are also great for brides who don't like or want fresh flowers but also don't care for the look of dried or silk ones. Here are a few of the options that you can consider if you're looking to step out of the classic bridal box with your bouquet.

Felt Bouquets

If you like the idea of flowers but you don't want to carry real or silk, consider making your bouquet out of felt. You can create flowers by cutting felt strips into petal shapes, then gluing them together. Then, you can glue the felt flowers to plastic stems or felt strips to bind them all together into a bouquet. One of the benefits of making your bouquet from felt is that you have the option to create it from most any color, not just the colors naturally available in your flower of choice.

Origami Bouquets

Whether you're skilled in origami or you have a friend who is, creating a bouquet from origami shapes can allow you to celebrate a favorite shape or animal with your bouquet. And, when you create origami shapes from paper, you can choose any kind of paper and color. You'll need to store it somewhere dry after the ceremony if you want to preserve it, though. Too much humidity will damage the paper.

Brooch Bouquets

Brooch bouquets are a new trend, and they are gaining popularity among women who like sparkly jewelry and accessories. These bouquets are crafted from jeweled brooches and other types of jewelry, typically those with glass jewels so that the sparkle remains for years to come. You can preserve these bouquets as-is if you wish, or if you choose to use borrowed jewelry and family heirlooms to create it, you can take the jewelry off afterward. For a bouquet that you want to keep, just glue the pieces to the styrofoam base. Otherwise, you can just push the pin backing into the styrofoam and then pull them off afterward. For more information, contact companies like Fabulous Brooch Bouquets.

No matter what your personal style, there's sure to be a bouquet option that will be perfect for your big day. Talk with a local bridal specialist today for more ideas or create something of your own to enjoy that personal touch as part of your ceremony.

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