How To Decorate A Winter Wonderland-Themed Wedding Reception

No matter what time of year it is, you can give your wedding reception a sparkling winter wonderland theme. Whether you're a winter lover and want to celebrate the season, or you want to give your reception a cool touch during the summer heat, a winter wonderland-themed venue will look magical.

You can give any type of reception venue, from an intimate country barn or backyard to a large hall, a winter-inspired touch using the right decor elements. Focus on icy shades of silver, grey, and white, and use plenty of shimmer and sparkle.

Here are some ideas for transforming any wedding reception venue into a winter wonderland:


Choosing the perfect textiles will help set the stage for any decor theme. To give the space a cool wintery vibe, start by covering all tables with bright white, icy blue, silver, or dove grey cloths. You can also mix the colors, such as placing a silver runner down a white tablecloth to add dimension and interest.

Enhance plain rental chairs with covers in the same winter-inspired shades, and add elegance by tying silver bows around them. Wrap silverware in classic white cloth napkins and secure them with silver or clear crystal snowflake-patterned rings. 

You can also hang a shimmering white organza cloth behind the bridal party table, the cake table, or any area you'd like to have stand out. If you're holding the reception in a barn or other venue with rafters, drape the airy fabric from the ceiling as well. 

Table Decor 

After choosing the table linens, focus on centerpieces that will add to the venue's ethereal look. As one idea, paint Manzanita branches, which you can find in craft stores, silver and nestle them into tall clear glass vases filled with clear crystals. You can then hang sparkling crystals and icicle-shaped ornaments from the branches to complete the sophisticated table decor.

As another option, go for understated elegance by filling shiny silver vases with all-white flower bouquets. Flower choices include white roses, hyacinths, baby's breath, tulips, orchids, or hydrangeas. 


Winter-themed lighting elements will give the venue instant ambiance. Create an enchanted winter forest feel by wrapping strings of clear lights around tree branches, rafters, poles, or beams, depending on the type of venue you're using. The lights will give the space an icy, yet romantic, glow.

For other ideas, place LED tealights in clear glass holders up and down the tables, and suspend white snowflake-shaped paper lanterns from the ceiling using transparent fishing line. 

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