Budget Vs. Bridal Wishes: Tips To Have The Ceremony You Want On A Budget

Many people have this image of grand events when they think about planning their wedding, and for those who want a simpler affair, it can leave them wondering where to start. If you're looking to plan a more understated, affordable ceremony and reception, there are many things you can consider. Here are a few ideas to help you keep it back to basics and on a moderate budget.

Skip The Saturday Ceremony

Saturday is the most popular day for weddings, and it's also the most traditional. Unfortunately, that often makes it the most expensive. Venues know that Saturday ceremonies are popular, so they often charge higher rates for bookings on Saturdays. If you want to make your wedding more affordable, consider booking for a Friday or a Sunday instead. You'll get a lower rate because there aren't often many bookings for those days.

Ditch Tradition In Your Venue Selection

Sure, it's traditional to book your wedding in a church or another popular wedding destination. Because it's traditional, you'll often pay more for those types of venues for your ceremony. If you can ditch the traditional expectations and book your ceremony somewhere less common, you can save significantly. For example, a park, local bed and breakfast, or town common will likely be much cheaper to book because they aren't typical wedding destinations, so you won't have the premium wedding rate.

Look Outside The City Limits

While you may be thinking it's easier to book everything right in the city where you live, you may actually find that booking within the city limits will cost you more than it would to book something similar in a smaller, neighboring town or suburb. The smaller, less-populated areas see less demand for things like this, so you can often get a great deal on a small-town property for your ceremony.

Set Your Priorities

Another hard part of planning a smaller, more affordable ceremony is knowing where to cut the costs. For example, if the big thing you really want out of your day is to enjoy a laid-back day outside, look for an outdoor venue with a view. Even local and state parks offer space where you can set up for your ceremony and have a casual reception all in the same place. If, however, you have dreamed of a reception with sprawling tables of food, you'll want to think about somewhere that makes food prep and presentation much easier. Take time to decide where your money is best spent and focus on that first.  

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