3 Characteristics That Make Military Chapel Weddings Unique

When your loved one is serving in the military, one of your wedding venue location options includes getting married at the local military chapel. Keep in mind that military chapels are not designed for quickie weddings; they are serious places of worship that have their own customs and schedules you need to adhere to.

#1 It Is Important To Make A Reservation

People sometimes wrongly assume that military chapels are not busy and can be used for weddings that are planned very quickly. With most military chapels, this is the further from the truth. Current and past members often book the chapel out months or even years in advance for their special wedding to their loved one.

If you are looking to book a prime Friday, Saturday, or Sunday spot at your local military chapel for your wedding on short notice, you may need to look elsewhere. You will have much better luck booking a military chapel on short notice if you want to get married during the week. Like other popular wedding spots, military chapels have more openings during the week than the weekends.

#2 You Will Need To Use The Chaplain Who Presides Over The Chapel

When you get married at a military chapel, it is not customary to bring in an outside clergy person to attend over your wedding. It is customary to use the chaplain who presides over the chapel. Most military chapels have a few different chaplains who work with each chapel, so you should be able to find one that represents your religious domination. If the chapel doesn't have a chaplain in your particular faith, they may allow a different military chaplain from another chapel to preside over your wedding, or one of the chapels may agree to perform your ceremony and incorporate your religious traditions into your ceremony. 

#3 It's Customary To Make A Donation

Finally, just because you or your soon-to-be spouse is a military member, that doesn't mean the use of the chapel is free. Like most churches, military chapels ask that individuals getting married in them make a donation to the chapel. The amount of this donation can vary largely. You can make a small, modest donation or a larger donation. The money will go to the chapel and help assist with the upkeep and running of the chapel. 

When getting married at a military chapel, remember to reserve your date early, talk with the chaplain, and save some money to donate to the chapel. Contact a company like Stephen Palmer Weddings for more information on wedding services. 

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