Important Design Details To Remember For A Winter Wedding Dress

Having a wedding gown made is an exciting process that allows you to ensure that the garment appears and fits exactly as you want by the time that you walk down the aisle. If you're having a winter wedding, it's important to ensure that the wedding dress is suitable for this time of the year. Even if you aren't getting married outside, it's common for at least some photos to take place with a snowy backdrop — and you'll need to keep this possibility in mind as you work with the person who is creating the dress. Here are three important design elements to remember.

Long Sleeves

You'll almost certainly want your wedding dress to have long sleeves. This feature, which is common in garments made for winter weddings, will provide some comfort when you're outdoors to have your photos taken. It can also provide some degree of warmth when you're indoors, too, if the church or other venue has a bit of a draft — perhaps caused by people opening the door at various times. The last thing that you want on your wedding day is to be distracted by feeling chilly. Long sleeves can help you to avoid this.

Warm Wrap

Plan to have some manner of warm wrap — a shawl, a tall collar, or something similar — that you can use when you go outside for photos. This element doesn't need to be part of your dress during the ceremony itself. Rather, you can add it afterward. For example, a faux-fur shawl is something that you can safely store in the church, and then get help putting it on before you go outside for your photos. Many winter brides use shawls and other warm wraps that complement their dresses but serve the key purpose of staying warm.


If you're leaning toward having your wedding dress white, you might want to reconsider this idea a little. White dresses have a lot of visual advantages, but they can be a challenge for winter weddings in snowy environments. When your photographer shoots you outside, he or she may struggle because the wedding dress gets a bit washed out by the snow. You don't want your dress to compete with the snow that makes a picturesque backdrop around you, so consider opting for an off-white color of material for the garment. Something is a cream shade, for example, can work well for photos.

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